2008 U18 AAA in the GTHL

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AAA teams are done if you're still skating you're just throwing your money away.
AA good luck there also most teams are done aswell.
Which U18 teams will be the leaders any guess at the pecking order for next season.
Who gives a shit. Enjoy one of the last years watching the kid play hockey.
I agree. Relax. It's last year for 70% of kids and then there's Junior A for those who think the dream continues, but in reality is a nightmare to the pocket book.
What’s the typical cost to play OJ or GO
Our GOJ team is $3200, billet costs included. Depends on the team though. Some pay $4-$5k plus $400-500 a month for billet. Some teams include some gear plus sticks etc. Others cover very little. Depends a lot on if the team is a community team or a team with ownership.

Son’s friend playing OJ, paying $7500 plus, plus.
Most teams are front loaded. So you pay more when you first join the team and less and less every year after.
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