Should the OMHA get rid of the LOR boundry?

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Re: Should the OMHA get rid of the LOR boundry?

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Guest wrote: Thu May 02, 2024 12:33 am How hard/ easy is to transfer into the G with an address change like the poster said above?
I don’t know what is required for various transfer requests from within LOR or outside of it but if an address change or some other easy falsity is all that is needed then what’s the point of holding some kids accountable for the rules and let others (maybe more motivated or driven) have freedom
Long winded way to really just ask generally about enforcement of the rules.
Depends on how crazy you are. On top of the address change you need to provide a drivers license , utility bill, school enrollment in the area, a lease/rental or sale agreement if you say you are separate you need to provide a separation agreement. It a bunch of BS

Re: Should the OMHA get rid of the LOR boundry?

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Guest wrote: Wed Apr 24, 2024 2:25 pm
Guest wrote: Wed Mar 13, 2024 10:50 am
Guest wrote: Tue Dec 12, 2023 5:15 pm
Guest wrote: Tue Dec 12, 2023 5:13 pm One governing body in Ontario, all these member partners need to go.
Open boundaries for all. Bad associations and poor coaching gone in no time, hold people accountable.
Disagree. Will end up with several super teams and then all the other just filling teams with unskilled players.
Option 1: Open boundaries for AAA level play. But limit the total number of AAA teams allowed to enter.
Option 2: Keep boundaries, but make the areas much larger; thus reducing the total number of AAA programs.

AA hockey and down, lock the boundaries down, again maybe at AA make them larger to lower number of teams, but don't allow releases. If you can't make AA in your home center, go play on their A team, not transfer to be on a lesser team elsewhere.

I disagree and think they should all be removed. The Rules in place are horrible and only hurt kids development.

I am currently stuck in an an association that has volunteer parent coach's with limited knowledge of the game.

My Son is a mid level AAA player who got cut at the last tryout leaving him no where else to go play AAA since all the other tryouts are done. Due to the current rules he could not even tryout for a 2nd or 3rd team as a backup.

He is wanted by 3 of the top AA teams in Ontario

Now the current AA team for our association is really an A team at best and even thought the association recognizes this and is willing to give me a release because we are outside of the LOR boundaries he can not go play in the GTHL at the AA level.

With all this said I live 8 mins north of a LOR association and 5 mins west of a GTHL association.
That sucks, yes the rules don't work well for everyone and it hurts development of kids
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